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FORGE Centralny Chargecooler Radiator - Mercedes A45 CLA 45 GLA 45 AMG

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FORGE Centralny Chargecooler Radiator - Mercedes A45 CLA 45 GLA 45 AMG


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Produkt do gamy Mercedesa AMG 45 - CLA 45 - A45 - GLA 45 Zwiększa objętość układu o 52%!

Product Description

In addition to the Forge Motorsport PolarCooler range, and following an extensive R&D process, Forge Motorsport has developed a unique and innovative stepped core design central chargecooler radiator for the Mercedes A45 AMG (2.0L M133 engine). 

The Chargecooler features an all-aluminium construction which overcomes all the issues relating to plastic end tank splitting, failure at high boost and leaks between the core and end tanks with end tank seal failure. The end tanks are fabricated using high precision laser cut sheet metal panels which are TIG welded by hand for maximum strength and durability.

Consistency of performance

This increased internal fluid capacity along with the high-density external fin design will ensure that your inlet temperatures remain at a stable level and allow the engine to operate at full power for longer.

Offering a 52% increase in fluid volume over the standard chargecooler radiator.

More noticeable in hot climates, track days or fast road driving, when inlet temperatures rise above a pre-set point the ECU will look to protect the engine and reduce its power output.  Not ideal if your application demands maximum power.

Refined design

This part has been carefully designed and developed using the latest Solidworks 3D CAD software.  The innovative stepped radiator core has been developed and manufactured in the UK. Each endtank is fabricated from 2mm thick laser cut 5052 Aluminium, with CNC machined mounting blocks ensuring that the OEM retaining clips are a quality fit.

After each chargecooler radiator has completed the fabrication stage it is then pressure tested to 4BAR , before receiving a high-quality durable fine-texture black powder coated finish.

This chargecooler radiator is a direct replacement for the OEM part and requires no extra trimming or further modifications to fit. 

Researched, designed, developed, and handmade in Great Britain.

For the ultimate chargecooler cooling package this can be fitted with the Forge V-mount side chargecooler radiator please see here


As part of Forge Motorsport’s strict quality control process, each chargecooler unit is carefully inspected and pressure tested to 4BAR before despatch.

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